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Quick Up Date On My Platform

Just a quick update on what I stand for and what I am promising you I will do if you elect me Governor.

1- Education can be improved by getting politicians out of your schools and allowing the districts to teach what they think should be taught according to your area so the kids learn the skills to better themselves once they graduate. Not all kids in OKC learn the same thing a kid in Altus Oklahoma needs to learn. We need to consolidate our Superintendents so there are no 8 in one county making 3/4 of a million dollars for only 5000 students. Shift that money to the teachers and classroom supplies.

2- We could fund this State just by the missing revenue in some departments. Health has misappropriated nearly 100mil and the Dept of Transportation has misappropriated 1/4 of a billion and that is just 2 departments. It is time they are held accountable for the taxpayer’s money and answer to audits and using your money wisely, Our school money from the Casinos was 150 mil and they keep cutting funding and taking it back which is nothing short of Political laundering of money.

3- Legalizing marijuana across the board is something this State needs to do so we can get ahead and better our State before the market crashes by every other State legalizing it before we do.

4- Reform our prison system. Pardon every person sitting in prison on just non-violent drug crimes. Do you know we have 50 people on a life sentence in this State for Marijuana charges? We pay private companies for just one prison $780,000.00 a year to haul prisoners from prison to physical therapy. All of this has to stop and be looked at to save money.

5- Mental health must be funded, Food Stamps must be reformed so it helps people not giving them a reason not to work. Unemployment must be reformed to get people to work. Our Meth problem must be addressed to get them help not arrested to pay the local bills for the city and county.

6- It is your body, you own it, you decide what to do with it period.

7- All rights for all the people all the time. Once you buy something its yours, you should not rent it by paying taxes or permits the rest of your life.

Support SQ788 In Oklahoma

SQ788 is one of the most important votes you will make on June 26th 2018 so vote YES.

Let's set this shit straight

Posted by Joseph A Maldonado-Passage on Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Oklahoma Must Get It’s Act Together

This State and the Politicians running it has run Oklahoma into the ground. You and I work to have Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security is taken out of our checks which employers have to match most of this and the Politicians just keep using it on bad investments.

Just this month Oklahoma has cut Medicare another 25% forcing nursing homes to close leaving our elderly out on the streets.

Problem here is 2 things

1- A dog has more support in this State than your parents or grandparents because you take a dog in a dirty cage not being fed right and it is in the news, money is raised for its care and why? Lobbyist and special rights groups give money to politicians, tv ads run so the media picks up on it more because millions can be raised at the heartstrings of animals vs human beings.

2- Our budget could have been fixed with one simple bridge not being done. The bridge at exit 64 on I-35 was worked on for 5 months this summer totaling over 3 million dollars and there was not a damn thing wrong with it. We must get this State on track and run it like a real business. Do you realize that one bridge could have waited another year and we would not have this budget problem but now you the taxpayers are paying 33k per day for a special session so they can get paid more. You know this is crap, I know this is crap, so vote Joe Exotic Maldondado for 2018

Video Message From Joseph Maldonado To The People

I am here for you the people of Oklahoma not me. This race is about you getting your rights back and turning Oklahoma around for once without you paying the bills.