I am an openly gay man who has been married for 4 years now legally and my values of a family and marriage is the life commitment you make with someone no matter the sex. As I choose not to have children because my business life is too demanding, you can rest assured that I will fight for your children, their education, future and your rights as parents who choose to have children.

After I Institute my 8% across the board tax, along with my criminal justice reforms and healthcare initiative, Oklahomans can be assured that I am looking at every aspect of this issue. As I finish my 77 county tour across the state and listen to you the people, I will be asking for suggestions and implementing them into policy. It’s time politicians listen directly to the people and not the lobbyist, and ask you the people for your points of view!

The best thing is I may not have the perfect answers for every problem and that is why I want to hear your ideas for solutions and if you have something better, let’s work it into a plan.