Doctors Without Invoices

I have a singularly unique plan for healthcare, I would like to take the model from the program “Doctors Without Borders”, apply tax incentives and regulation rollbacks and see if we can get the private sector to help the people of this state. We can offer doctors, dentists, and specialists a 3% tax credit in exchange for each provider taking 2 patients a year, without charge. This program would be for folks making between $8,000 to $12,000 a year. We can employ 10 people to simply sit and verify each month that each program participant is employed and meets the income requirements of the program. So, with tax cuts, less useless regulation, and more patients covered, everyone stands to benefit from my plan. This is just a small part of my overall plan for healthcare in Oklahoma.

One huge thing in any business that could change the price of anything is to make Oklahoma a free State. You have the right to either have un-employment taxes taken out which means any business like the mom and pop businesses to Children’s Hospital would not have to match so much taxes, therefore being able to pay more, higher more people and lower the cost of goods sold. If you have no intentions on ever drawing un-employment which you never get the full amount anyway, you will receive more on your pay check.

Oklahoma should also be a free choice State for Workmans Comp. Again this will benefit your pay, your cost of goods bought and lower the price of Dr. Visits and the only ones that will truly suffer are Attorneys.

Justice Reforms


Social Issues

The government has no right to tell a private citizen unless their actions directly affect innocent bystanders. I believe with all my heat not only Oklahomans but Americans have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of private property. As long as you are not hurting anyone, you should be able to do it. I am Pro-Choice and Pro-Marriage equality. The days where the government telling you how to live your life ends on my first day in office.

The days where the government telling you how to live your life ends on my first day in office.

We all bleed the same color inside. The media and big companies are the only ones who benefit off of wars, riots, race issues etc. We have moved past the days of the color of our skin, sex or sexual orientation dividing us. In the time of a disaster none of that matters when people flock into help others so why should it matter on a daily basis?

We the people can rise above our politicians doing this to only benefit their own agendas. You’re not soldiers for them, you are soldiers for yourselves and your neighbor.