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Joe Exotic Makes The Cover Of Hollywood Weekly Magazine and 4 Pages Spread

Take a few minutes and read the Hollywood Weekly

Support SQ788 In Oklahoma

SQ788 is one of the most important votes you will make on June 26th 2018 so vote YES.

Let's set this shit straight

Posted by Joseph A Maldonado-Passage on Wednesday, April 4, 2018


How Crooked Is Our Government?

This will show you how crooked our Government really is to take your rights away to own animals in America

President Trump #fixthisshit

Posted by Joseph A Maldonado-Passage on Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Joe Exotic Supports Teachers in OKC for Walkout

Joe Exotic is the only one running for Governor of Oklahoma for 2018 that supports the teachers. The Senate and the House along with Governor Mary Fallin did not even think about raising gas taxes would cost the very Government that can’t afford to pay teachers would cost the very State 1.2 million dollars more in fuel taxes taxing themselves along with 452 thousand more taxing the teachers for gas if they drive 10 miles per day. Now Joe has a plan that could have put nearly 50 million into teacher pay right away with not one cent from tax money.

Be sure and invite Joe to your place of business so the voters can hear his plan by contacting the office at 405.665.5197

Rex Lawhorn Thinks Libertarians Are A Private Club

People often wonder why you have to be in a party to care about the people you represent. Here first hand how rigged our system is in Oklahoma already and ask yourselves was Donald Trump mistaken when he always said it was a rigged system?


Joe Exotic Gets Married

Yes, it is true. Joseph Maldonado aka Joe Exotic is getting married 12/11/2017 in a private ceremony to a young man named Dillon (Which his last name is being withheld for the moment because Joe is trying to protect him from the Social hoopla).

There is no time limit for mourning the loss of a loved one and there is only the belief in God that things like Dillon came into Joe’s life for a reason this soon.

Joe’s late husband Travis Maldonado was killed in a freak gun accident at the zoo in Wynnewood, when he thought the gun would not go off without the clip in it according to an article he read on the internet.

Social media has had a field day with the hateful comments on post on facebook, saying Joe killed him to get re-married, it’s too soon, and others giving congratulations to Joe and Dillon.

Rest assured the OSBI, Garvin County Sheriff along with Joe who was not at the zoo at the time of the accident watched the security footage to make sure it was just that, an accident, which the Sheriff’s office released a press release confirming just that.

One goal Joe has running for Governor is to help end bullying and hatefulness on Social Media and even making it a crime.

No one deserves to be bullied or harassed online by people that are just bored or hate their own lives “Says Joe”. It’s just not right, people ruin other peoples lives this way and it has to stop.

Joe and Dillon would like to have the December wedding without all the press and fans is why they have scheduled a huge wedding for March the 3rd for the public, fans, and friends to give them some time together and allow them to grow before putting Dillon in the public eye.

Dillon will be beside Joe during this campaign not just for support of his new husband but so both of them can run this campaign to show the public that no matter who you are, or who you fall in love with, Joe can run this State for the better of the people and give you some rights back to own your life and make your choices with that life and get this State on a budget so you the taxpayers do not have to keep paying the bill.

Travis Maldonado will never be forgotten as his memory lives in both Joe and Dillon.

Oklahoma Must Get It’s Act Together

This State and the Politicians running it has run Oklahoma into the ground. You and I work to have Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security is taken out of our checks which employers have to match most of this and the Politicians just keep using it on bad investments.

Just this month Oklahoma has cut Medicare another 25% forcing nursing homes to close leaving our elderly out on the streets.

Problem here is 2 things

1- A dog has more support in this State than your parents or grandparents because you take a dog in a dirty cage not being fed right and it is in the news, money is raised for its care and why? Lobbyist and special rights groups give money to politicians, tv ads run so the media picks up on it more because millions can be raised at the heartstrings of animals vs human beings.

2- Our budget could have been fixed with one simple bridge not being done. The bridge at exit 64 on I-35 was worked on for 5 months this summer totaling over 3 million dollars and there was not a damn thing wrong with it. We must get this State on track and run it like a real business. Do you realize that one bridge could have waited another year and we would not have this budget problem but now you the taxpayers are paying 33k per day for a special session so they can get paid more. You know this is crap, I know this is crap, so vote Joe Exotic Maldondado for 2018

Animal Laws Kill Oklahoma’s Economy

When people vote on laws they know nothing about it not only kills the animals in question but kills businesses, jobs and more income for the State of Oklahoma.

Thank you Joe. You seem to be the only candidate that actually understands the unconstitutional aspects of these animal rights laws. I guess most of these candidates have never worked on a farm or ranch and don’t know their butts from a hole in the ground.
What they can’t seem to grasp is that America is a Constitutional Republic and the answers I heard from the rest of the candidates were all rooted in the ideology of majoritarianism (majority rules) which is a government based on Democratic Socialism.

And the saddest thing is these are supposed to be the “Republicans, that believe in and support the Constitution” but they don’t even understand what the Constitution is.

I think the rest of these candidates that were on the stage with you don’t know the difference between the Constitution and toilet paper.
Gary Richardson is a lawyer from Tulsa and even he didn’t seem to grasp that the purpose of the Constitution is to protect the rights of the individual from the majority and thus protect the rights of the individual from the government.
I hope I can educate one of these candidates with the guts to bring this fight for our God given constitutionally protected unalienable rights to light inside the state. Whichever candidate does have the courage to bring this issue to light will gain the respect and the support of every Oklahoman that believes in the Constitution because Oklahomans respect courage and the willingness of the individual to take a stand against oppression and injustice. The trouble is most politicians are cowards that simply go along with the majority because they don’t have the guts to actually stand up and defend the God given rights of the individual against the crowd. I think Americans are fed up with these politically correct cowards inside our political offices and that’s why Donald Trump was elected, he was a breath of fresh air that didn’t play the “stick to the politically correct talking points” bs he simply stood up and told the blunt truth and he didn’t care if it upset someone or not.

Some of these candidates have held various government offices and they do not even understand the difference between government power and lawful government authority. Every government has a limitless amount of power over the people within the jurisdiction of that government, and that is exactly why our founding fathers wrote the Constitution to place limits on the government’s authority to use that power.


George Washington; “Government is not reason. Government is not eloquence. It is force. And, like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master!” 

President John Adams defined a Constitutional Republic as; “a government of laws, and not of men. Constitutional Republics are a deliberate attempt to diminish the perceived threat of majoritarianism, thereby protecting dissenting individuals and minority groups from the tyranny of the majority by placing checks on the power of the majority of the population.”

“Finally, there seem to be but three Ways for a Nation to acquire Wealth. The first is by War as the Romans did in plundering their conquered Neighbours. This is Robbery. The second by Commerce which is generally Cheating. The third by Agriculture the only honest Way; wherein Man receives a real Increase of the Seed thrown into the Ground, in a kind of continual Miracle wrought by the Hand of God in his favour, as a Reward for his innocent Life, and virtuous Industry” – Benjamin Franklin, Positions to be Examined, April 4, 1769

The enforcement of every law creates situations where government agents will use force to make people comply which always includes the possibility of deadly force.

The rights of the individual to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness existed before any government was ever created and will exist even if the government is destroyed. These are our God given unalienable rights and these rights include life, liberty and pursuit of happiness as a private property right.
This is because the rights of the individual come from a source that is beyond the government; therefore it is not within government authority to arbitrarily deprive people of their rights in any free society.

I cannot come to your house and deprive you of your property or use force to make you comply with my opinion because in attempting to do so I have violated your God given constitutionally protected unalienable rights and I do NOT have the authority to do that. You would have every right to defend yourself and your property from me even if you had to resort to using force which always includes the possibility of using deadly force. Therefore if necessary you would have the right to kill me to protect your life, your family and your property.

Now if I get nine of my friends to join with me (majority) and the ten of us come to your home, we may have the power and force to deprive you of your property and/or make you comply with our opinion but we are still do not have the lawful authority to do so. We are simply using force (majoritarianism) to violate your God given constitutionally protected unalienable rights and “we the majority” do NOT have the lawfully authorized authority to supersede God and do that to you because of the limits of the Constitution.

Since the government draws its power from “we the people” (majority) then “we the majority” CANNOT give the government power that we ourselves do NOT possess.

To elaborate further; I can empower the government to protect my property from you, but I cannot empower the government to protect your property from you.

If what you’re doing with your property does NOT harm another person or damage the property of another person you have every right to use your property as you wish.

Whether your property is a gun, a car, home, television, a priceless painting, the money in your wallet or an animal that you own the same constitutional protections of private property apply.

Any attempt to use the government to exert authority and power over another person’s property is unconstitutional and simply the destruction of private property rights and the adoption of socialist and communist policies.

I have the economic studies that prove the gamecock industry brought more than $113 million dollars into Oklahoma from surrounding states each year and generated more than $800 million dollars in spending annually inside Oklahoma. Every time these dollars are turned over they generate more taxes to the state confers and rural Oklahoma desperately needs this industry and revenue back.

You want to see what this industry should be in Oklahoma then watch this interview and pay attention to how big this industry is in Puerto Rico where it’s touted as Puerto Rico’s most resilient industry.
https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=Z1Q9D851sNQ&app=desktop

Thank you,
U.S. Army ret SFC B.L. Cozad Jr


Video Message From Joseph Maldonado To The People

I am here for you the people of Oklahoma not me. This race is about you getting your rights back and turning Oklahoma around for once without you paying the bills.